Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Fall Y'all

I just love it when you think you have life all figured out and God gives you a life lesson to let you know you don't! :)  He has a way of helping you put your life back into perspective and refocusing real quick like. I have learned when the Lord calls I listen up the first time. Sooo with that being said, once again, I am apologizing for my MIA status the last few weeks. So don't mind me if I rattle on aimlessly on occasion... :) 

So now lets get on to the good stuff... FALL!! Woo hoo!! Honestly, that doesn't mean much in Arizona, except it might be 96 degrees instead of 116 degrees. :) I will take it! I do get decorate with fall colors though, my favorite!! 

Here are some of my favs :)
Fall Leaf Garland
Williams-Sonoma Wreath

Autumn Sunflower Wreath

Martha Stewart.com

Chalkboard Rock Vase Filler, Set of 4
Pottery Barn-chalk board rock filler fun

Oversized Urn, Black
Pottery Barn- Urn with Gourds

Cranberry Vase Filler, 3.2 oz.
Simple but cute- hurricanes filled with cranberries & candle. You could do any fall colored filler and use candles or pinecones.

Cranberry Vase Filler, 3.2 oz.
Pottery Barn has awesome ideas for inspiration :)

Pomegranate Feather Wreath, 30"
Love this- pomegranate wreath

I hope you feel a little fall inspiration & get started on your decorating if you haven't already.  Happy decorating~ xo Julie