Saturday, July 24, 2010

Livin' the Catalog Life

Faux Rose Stem
Pottery Barn Pic

Just stoppin' in to give a hot little howdy for my friends out there and to say... how's your weekend? My week got away from me and projects went astray, but, I did do a little browsing of home decor catalogs this week. :) Don't ya just love some of the stuff in catalogs? Ahhh... if only I didn't have to pay the mortgage AND have electricity this month. ;)

I LOVE the inspiration and ideas I can find from flipping through various catalogs. I often times find myself laughing at some of the pictures as well.  Just last night I was flipping through a catalog, I will not name, which had pages upon pages of sofas and chairs with "document print" for the fabric. Now I ask you, who in their right mind would want a sofa that looks life five year olds got a hold of it?? Really? Is it kind of like your last day at school... "here, sign my shirt". "Oh... I'm moving... here.. sign my couch".  hmmm... 

 The swatch of Document Fabric in question.  I will personally pass on furniture with fabric of that design. eeks!

I have to tell you about a new site I happened upon recently called Catalog Living, oh... my... word! I was even scolded by my six year old to stop the convulsive laughing as I browsed the site, I was too loud and interrupting his Wii game. Ha! 

The author of the site has created a fictional couple, Gary and Elaine, who live within the catalog pictures, and she pokes fun at the gorgeous pictures we love.

Here's a sample and a laugh for you...

"Sure Gary's out of town, but I'm perfectly capable of starting a fire in the fireplace by myself, thank you very much."

"Oh that?  That's my Wish Plant.
It's where I clip pictures of people I want dead."

"If you go to Game Night at Gary and Elaine's,
 you can count on playing at least a few rounds of Wood Fish."

"Gary hung the chandelier for me as a surprise. Why heavens no, I've never raised my head enough to see what it's hanging from.  Let's just enjoy our limes under glass."

"Gary got that idea from a parking lot in New York.  Sure the kids get rope burn climbing into bed, but their upper-body strength is amazing."

I hope you had a good laugh, check out the site for more entertainment from the author/comedian Molly Erdman. Let me know what your favorite catalog love is and share what funny pics you've seen recently!

Bosphorus BowlsHave a Blessed weekend~


  1. The "document" fabric is for someone who has way too much money and can change their furniture with the season-a real conversation starter! Thanks, Julie-love your blog.


  2. Oh my gosh! This is SO funny!!

  3. Very funny! I wonder if those rope beds sway in the breeze?


  4. I know, Catalog Living is a riot! ;)Thanks for stopping by!

  5. OMG, that site is hysterical! Thanks for telling us about it.