Friday, July 30, 2010

Tips to Transform a Family Room Part I

Summer Charm Living Room
{Photo Credit}

1. Furniture Placement

Nothing screams lonely more than a room with the furniture lining the walls, they are not your enemies! Bring your sofa & chairs in closer for a  more intimate conversation area, pull those babies off the walls. I always suggest finding a lovely focal point for your room: large window with a view, beautiful art, fireplace, you get the idea and creating conversation areas around that. Please know you can have more than one conversation area in your space, be creative.

living room before makeover
Before Makeover   

yellow walls highlight the artwork above the family room fireplace while the couch faces a clear, glass, mod coffee table
{Photo Credit}After $200 Makeover & Furniture Placement
2. Lighting

Lighting is so important for a space and I don't mean the visit to the ob/gyn kind. Lamps are key here for soft light and a oh so lovely glow. Three is key, I like to do the triangle effect with my placement around the room. Try it, turn on the lamps and turn off our functional ceiling fan/light combo. Cozy AND romantic, hmmm too bad my 7 & 9 year old boys can't appreciate this over their cartoons.

great room
What doesn't everyone's house look like this? ha! I wish! Love the windows, letting the light in!{Photo Credit}

3. Open The Blinds

I love, love, love sunshine, unless it's 115 and I'm outside in it. :)  Opening the blinds brings in so much natural light that floods your space with instant warmth.  It makes quite the transformation in a room that may suffer from dungeonitits, not to mention it's good for us, try it, doesn't it make you feel happy? :) So crank up those blinds and let the sunshine in!

Aladdin Google Image ;)
4. Rugs

   If you're using one please make it 5 x 8 or larger and make sure it is connected to something in the space.  There's nothing quite like the look of a floating carpet in the middle of the room, unless you're Aladdin of course. :o

Midwest Living Photo

5. Bringing the Outside In~ a touch of nature

Bring a touch of nature inside whatever that might be for wherever you live, seashells, sand in a jar, starfish, pinecones, flowers in a vase, pretty hibiscus in a bowl, cuttings from bushes in your yard, rocks from Sedona your kids are saving :), you get the idea. If you feel inclined to purchase indoor plants this is also a nice touch, these nature touches help create life in your room.

6. Declutter

This is the fastest way for me to help my space breathe. Round up the kids shoes, star wars figures, stick collection, ipods and whatever else they manage not to take to their rooms and WOW I do have a lot of space in here (did I mention my pile of design & real estate books?). Now I need to mention in a decor way if you own greenery or flowers from the 80's now may be the time to clear them out. Freshen up your space by removing artificial greenery older than 3 - 5 years old and declutter.

 I just love it when a room is tidy, put together and feels good. What is your toughest room and the challenge with it? We would love to help give ideas!

Have a blessed day~ 


  1. Great tips, Julie! I couldn't believe that those first pictures were the same house -- amazing what some rearranging can do! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very good post with lots of helpful tips! I'm sure this took a lot of time and effort to put together but I sure do appreciate it! Great job!

  3. In my 'real' job I am an interior designer and enjoyed reading the post. Very well thought out article and well written too. I must start an interior blog but like your list of jobs its so hard to do all the stuff we would like to do. Keep blogging!!

  4. This made me smile. Great tips and I enjoyed your Aladdin & Ob Gyn mentions :)

  5. Thanks ladies for stopping by, come again!