Monday, September 13, 2010


So I've been MIA for almost two weeks... sorry for not keeping up the posts! Life happens to just take over sometimes with four kiddos, a new dog, my oldest going to Homecoming, two little ones birthday parties, teenage girl problems, projects to complete and consults, mounds of laundry and lots of other Mommy jobs. :) I would not know how to live without chaos! So join me as I dream of peaceful places, happy thoughts to settle my nerves today. 

How fun it would be to run in a field of flowers... carefree... wind in my hair... eww... except for the mosquitos... ok, ok, back to my dream...
I'm wishing the weather were cooler here for some gardening...

or maybe I could build my own Tree Cathedral like the one in Italy.
tree cathedral bergamo italy

Well this would be lovely too, if I didn't live in the desert. Hmm...

I think I may nap, or at least think about it. :) xoxo

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