Monday, August 2, 2010

Tips to Transform a Family Room Part II

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Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was full of surprises and last minute changes, as a mother of four children I should never be surprised, but I still am. That's life, always changing and not always what we planned on.  Like when I moved into my house a year ago, I envisioned how I was going to decorate the rooms and how lush the back yard would look and life just takes over and I still have plenty to do on that list. I'm challenging myself to "work" on my home more too and not just everyone else's! :) What is your list like? Do you need tips and ideas for turning your house into a home? Here's our Tips to Transform a Family Room Part II to help get you started.

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6.  Wall Art

Having wall art of some type on the walls is crucial, this helps to tie all of the pieces together. Making sure it has the colors you are using in your room is key. Some find inspiration from fabric or a piece of artwork and create their room around that. (ex: wall color, drape/curtain colors, pillow colors, accessories, etc...) When hanging art make sure you're not hanging it too high or too low. For example if you're 6'5" hanging it at your level would be high for an average person. We shouldn't have to gaze to the heavens to see what you have on the walls. ;) Artwork needs to be connected to something, if you're hanging it over a couch it shouldn't be three feet above and floating. Just above eye level for an average size person is a good rule for hanging in general, I will have a future post on this to give more specifics.

7. Creating Cozy

Now is when you bring in your coordinating curtain/drapes, pillows for the couch and possibly a throw for the chair. I love finding inexpensive deals at Walmart, Target, TJMAXX, Marshalls or if you're feeling fantabulous making your own pillows with some great fabric. (yes, I make up my own words) It's great to find a few pillows you love and some inexpensive coordinating ones to go with them to save money. 

a living room with a blue and white checkered couch before a design makeover
bright yellow walls liven up and compliment blue and white checkered couches and chairs in the living room
After Makeover {photo credit}

8. Accessorizing

Make it yours, give it your personal touch. What do you like and love? Maybe a few family pictures, a piece or few pieces from something you collect, a few of your travel books or scrapbooks on display on the coffee table. Maybe children's art work in a frame if you like to display that, candles, shells from your beach trip in a bowl, anything that tells the story of you and your family. You want to make it cozy, make it feel welcoming and just like home. :)  I hope these tips help you get started, feel free to send me a message with any questions. 

Have a blessed day!
xox Julie


  1. I look forward to your tips on hanging art. I have made the mistake before of hanging it too high - and then too low. I am curious on what the best judgement is on placement to hang that it looks proportionate and placed correctly.